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Inside the True Aesthetic World of Photography

Broaden your understanding of composition or go on a journey to splendor of the unseen world. Experience the artistry of nature, wildlife, street, portrait, documentary, travel, or landscape. No matter which journey you want to take, books from Light & Composition take you inside the true aesthetic world of photography. They guide you to capturing moments through the frame, with enduring, and unique visual representation.

Learn, experience, and explore

the world of photography through the exceptional visualization and composition books bundle Mastering Photography, which truly helps you to develop an artistic eye.

We believe in this photography medium, everyone has the freedom to capture the gesture of a particular moment that represents the essence of life. Let’s step into the latitude of the true aesthetic world of photography with us, where we will take you on a step-by-step journey to the world of visual rhythms and harmonies. Let’s start believing in your good work and make this world a better place.

Gives You the Key

The key to becoming a successful photographer is applying knowledge of creative composition to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. These books will not only help you develop artistic skills, but also help to hone your technical understanding.

From Core Science to Beautiful Aesthetic World

These amazing books take you into the panoramic world of photography and its art, from core science to a beautiful aesthetic world, from classical notion to cutting-edge technology, and so much more.

Light & Composition University Press

Light & Composition University Press is a department of Light & Composition University. A nonprofit wing that helps the university objective of excellence in education and research by publishing worldwide. With a very nominal price we make sure everyone can read our academic journals, monographs, textbooks, magazines, articles, English-language teaching and learning publications, and research papers using tablets, computers, smartphones or other state of the art.