Getting Admitted to University

Welcome to Light & Composition University. We are delighted to have you here, to be part of our unique learning experience.

Getting admitted to University is really simple and can be done following few simple steps. As Light & Composition it is a non-profit, online university for distance learning and research, we understand sometimes it might be difficult for some to apprehend how admission works. This guide is to take you through that process.

If you are already admitted, and completed payment then move to Step 5 for logging in to Light & Composition.

If you are already logged in, move to Step 7 for navigating into University Courses Section and use “Academic Advising Modules” to explore all the courses for your major, which course to participate and when a course will be available to you from your Academic Advising Module page..

If you are already familiar with your “Academic Advising Modules” and want get enrolled into a university course, or participate into one of our short courses, visit our step-by-step guide to Get Started with Your University Courses.

Step 1: Visit the Office of Admissions Page

1. You may visit the Office of Admissions page – then chose the major that you want to get admitted.

Office of Admission

2. You can also find the “Apply for Admission” link directly from the page of the major. For Example –

Page for Major