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  • Aesthetic

    2 Lessonsin
    • Aesthetic - 250.00

    From analysing the beauty in an art form to interpreting it, aesthetic has been playing the key role as it's guiding principle. It determines what our viewers will feel when they look at an art, and in photography that represents various visual qualities. This is the course that train you to become a pioneer and let you identify what is purely subjective, showcasing it's true objective value while compositing a single frame with the concept of aesthetic.

  • Developing Portfolio

    3 Lessonsin
    • Developing Portfolio - 250.00

    Photographers who have been working for years in the field of photography or photojournalism, should have taken hundreds or thousands of photographs under their belts, and their professional portfolios showcase the best of the best. Going through all your photographs and identifying the ones that are the most powerful is the key to make a photographer’s portfolio stunning that stand out from the rest. This is the course that train you to become a pioneer in this filed, to identify your best work and put them to your portfolio.

  • Mastering Professional Sports Photography

    1 Lessonin
    • Mastering Professional Sports Photography -

    From a tense, emotionally charged moment and the expression of an athlete to capturing a sporting event happening on the field, or a team celebrating their victory, from freezing the most impending action, whether two runners neck-and-neck as they approach the finish line or the rhythm that the sport itself offers, it is the professional sports photography, one the most exciting and challenging branch of photojournalism. In this course we are going to master what it takes to become the best.

  • Mastering Professional Wedding Photography

    31 Lessonsin
    • Mastering Professional Wedding Photography - 75.00

    From classically posed images to the photojournalist style, or the contemporary candid approach, with a goal to compose unique perspectives for each event - it is the wedding photography that documents the different rituals and most memorable moments throughout the wedding days. It is a special segment of portrait photography that not only capture the candid moments, but also the stories and atmosphere from the official wedding days as well as pre-wedding, and engagement sessions, so that the viewers have an appreciation of what the wedding was like. In this detailed course, we are going to let you practice and master those techniques that help you become a professional in wedding photography.

  • Mastering the Art of Cinematography

    14 Lessonsin
    • Mastering the Art of Cinematography - 75.00

    When you are telling a story aesthetically on film, it is not only about just recording, rather it is an art of motion picture photography in the form of visual storytelling, which is known as cinematography. From lighting, framing, composition, to camera motion and its perspective, from close-up to long shorts, tracking to dolly, low angle to panning and tilting, key, fill, or the back lighting, each of the elements and techniques of cinematography set the look and mood of the visual narratives and ensure every element is cohesive to support the story. In this detailed course we are going to learn and master them all.

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