We Take Collaborate Learning to the Next Level

Collaborate Learning redefines traditional student-teacher relationship, and at Light & Composition we take it to the next level through the academic teaching. It helps knowledge be constructed and shared, instead of just passed down by authorities and passively consumed or ignored. We are here to allow individuals to work together with us to generate, discuss, and evaluate evolving ideas. Even though our resources are based on the study of photography of past 170 years, we believe it is fairly a new medium to study, where innovative ideas and techniques can incorporate any time; that is why even the students can contribute while they are learning it.

What is Collaborative Learning?

No matter which field we study, scholars always depend on the knowledge of previous generations, and once understood, develop new ideas and move farther.

Take Wikipedia as an example, which use the collaborative way of gathering knowledge, changes the way of how we think, and are able to form the knowledge into a coherent idea based on the needs of the learners.

There are things that one can learn with the help of guidance and there are things that one cannot accomplish individually. Learning through communication and interactions with others rather than just through independent work is very important in achieving critical thinking. That is why Light & Composition is the first university, where not only one can participate in collaborative learning, but also can contribute updating its resources, which help the facilitators of knowledge, the instructors, and the students at the same time.

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