Light & Composition University

Contribution Reward Policy

We always want to recognize and reward every single contribution that furthers the aims of our university. Recognition under our contribution reward policy is based on points, which gives one the scope to use it in numerous fields that include redeem them and get discount in any of our course and university press publication as well as extend the submission subscription for our most prestigious award.


Reward Points Distribution

Contribution CriteriaPointsLimit
Contributing in Copyedit/Correction/Additional Content202000 / day
Getting Admitted to University100No Limit
Enrolling into a University Course100No Limit
Completing a University Course100No Limit
Purchase a University Press Publication50No Limit
Submit a Review to University Press Publication20No Limit
Getting Registered to Award100Once
Create/Update Photographer’s Profile501 / month
Submit Photographs to Jury1010 / day
Selected Photograph Submission 25No Limit
Win Photo of the Month200No Limit
Submit Interview for Photo for Month300No Limit
Award Submission Renewal100No Limit
Social Media Share10 – 10,00010,000 / Share
Submit Comments to Awarded Photographs315 / Award
Submit Comments to Reflections315 / Reflection
Creating an Account10Once
Participating in a Quiz10No Limit
Logged into Light & Composition33/day
Subscribe to Prime Subscription500No Limit

Become a Light & Composition University Contributor

Through Your Contribution

Redeeming your reward is simple. Check your advocate level; once you reached Level 1, your email will act as a Contribution Reward Code. Simply put your email in the field and click Redeem Your Code. If you have registered your account though social login then your account does not have an email attach. Please go to Edit Account/Password section of your dashboard, and add an email as well as assign a new password.

ContributorPoint RangeDiscount
Level 1
Level 1
Level 2
Level 2
Level 3
Level 3
Level 4
Level 4
Level 5
Level 5

This policy applies to all members, students, and those who have the willingness to help, or have the technical expertise and writing power to contribute to Light & Composition University.