Submitting Writeup to Reflections

Express Yourself with Stories That Bring Together the Life We Experience

If you love writing and love photography then you came to the right place. With Light & Composition Reflections we express ourselves with stories that bring together the life we experience, binding everything together into the oneness we represent.

A Photographer’s Guide to Writing

When you write for reflection, we strongly suggest you to always use your own words rather than the thesaurus, and must cut the fluff; extra words that may bore readers. Please notice, there are two parts in the Reflections. The first part reflects writer’s thoughts and the second part connects these thoughts with the photograph by crediting the photographer. If you are not sure how to start writing reflections, you can see our guide – A Photographer’s Guide to Writing.

  • Photograph Submission Requirements

  • Write your own words, which should be at least 75-100 words.
  • In this part you should credit the photographer.
    Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions may result in a variety of consequences, including the cancellation of submissions.
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