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Thank you for buying our publications. Our publications, books, articles, and magazine will not only help develop your artistic skills, but also they will help to hone your technical understanding.

If you are already logged in, move to Step 3 for getting access to all your purchased download.

Step 1: Login to Your Dashboard

1. The easiest way to get all your access is your dashboard.
To get into your dashboard, you can simple login by using the “Dashboard” link or user icon from the top right of our website.

Dashboard Login

2. Alternatively, you can login by visiting “Manage Your Account” from footer.
Both the link take you to:

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Step 2: Use Your Login Credentials or Social Network

Please use your login credentials that we have emailed you just after you completed payment. You can also login using the Social Network, which is the most secure way.

Login Credentials

However, if you haven’t received the login credentials email, we strongly suggest you to contact with our 24/7 support.

Step 3: Navigate to the Download Section

Once logged in to your dashboard, you can navigate to the download section, which gives you access to all your purchased download.

Please note, you can only see the available downloads when you successfully complete payment for our publications, or subscribed to any of our bi-annual subscriptions.

Publications Download Section
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