The Trends That Will Never Be Passé

Sharing Your Best Work of Art with Millions

Photography is an art that pleases us with its uniqueness. It follows trends, and with each new trend, revitalizes a new dimension. The moment we share this art, others are invited to recognize the imagery, which seeks a response. Sharing this work is an integral part of art that will never become passé; this is what makes Light & Composition special. Together with the photographers, we share the genuine work of art to vast audiences.

Lily Drops, by Anubhav Jain
It’s Time to Play Football, by Shahnaz Parvin
Spirited Bangladesh, by Shahnaz Parvin
Inside Hassan II, by Abdellah Azizi
Red Bicycle, by Mercedes Noriega
Sun at their Feet, by Abhishek Asthana
Photo of the Month | 1st Month
Definition of Perfection, by Soumya Geetha
Two Coats, by Barry Cawston
Jama Masjid, by Ankush Kochhar
Watching the Scenic Beauty, by Nirupam Roy
Tunnel Vision, by Des Brownlie
On Golden Pond, by James L. Brown
Misty-rious Journey, by Prasanth Chandran
Six of Us, by Zoe Ladika
And the Journey Continues, by Nirmal Harindran
Couple from Opposite Dimension, by Arnold Chan
Amsterdam, by Shirren Lim
Misty Morning, by Sanjoy Sengupta
The Flame Thrower, by Rezwan Razzaq
Not Only Through the Eyes, by Tanmoy Saha
Double Starburst, by Bashar Alaeddin
Beach at Dusk, by Ronnie Glover
Depicting Dream, by Debjani Chowdhury
Wait for Me, by Minh Nghia Le
Thinking at the Sunset, by Nirupam Roy
Peek-a-who? by Tisha Clinkenbeard
Sunset Silhouette, by Naude Visser
On the Streets of New York, by Patricia Saraiva
Transition, by Sukesh Kumar
Icelandic Ponies, by Louise Fahy
Love, by Patricia Saraiva

We believe the trends of photograph adopt the great artisan of the moment, the photographer.

By sharing the photographer’s genuine work of art, we create a rich social experience and a relationship with the photographer that enthusiastic people will remember thereafter.

Total Social Media Reach

There are hundreds of ways to present one’s work to the vast audience, but in this era of information highways, there is no better way other than sharing in social media. This is the place where people share what they value most, which is poles apart typical media; here, one can experience the result almost instantly. Pioneering social media strives to make the world more open and connected. Some interactive ones truly help others to share. We believe Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, and Pinterest are among those few that change the way we share. Together, these social mediums make the lasting impact with a new dimension to remember.