A Photographer’s Guide to Artistic Silhouette
A Photographer’s Guide to Artistic Silhouette Cover

A Photographer’s Guide to Artistic Silhouette

Written by Nasrul Eam

There are various ways to tell a story. In photography that story keeps on changing with the ever-changing light and shadow. They play their dramatic roles with emotion and mood. Sometimes we highlight subjects, which lights do not want to highlight. At times the inner portrays the outer, and the outer portrays the inner. In this way, we keep the story open for imagination, a mystery with drama that stands out with simplicity.

Yes, we are talking about ‘Silhouette’, a photography technique that conveys emotion and mood through the lens of the beholder. Making a silhouette is not hard, but conveying it with aesthetic meaning is its ultimate essence. To capture the genuine gesture in different situations and difficult light conditions, silhouette is always ideal. However, there are technical aspects that one must know to produce it, and with proper guidance you can make that artistic. This guide it all about learning, exploring, and practicing them.

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First Published: February 07, 2016
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Get to Know the Author

Nasrul Eam
Light & Composition

Nasrul has been setting new standards as an author, photographer, editor, educator, and art director for more than a decade. Currently Editor-in-Chief at Light & Composition, Head of Department of Art and Photography, and Language and Linguistics at Light & Composition University, Nasrul started his professional career in 2000. He wrote books such as The Quintessence of Photography: Understanding Composition, for developing artistic vision, and The Essence of Close-up Photography, for developing the basics of photographic vocabulary and exploring close-up photography with an artistic touch. His other books are Illuminating Nature, volume 1 and 2, with vivid examples of nature and wildlife photography, The Happy Children of the Third World, which touches on the meaning of life, to its core, and Mastering Food Photography. Understanding the Building Blocks of English Language, and Understanding the Structure of English Language, are two of his well-known books, which have been used in English language learning programs, in different countries around the world. Nasrul has published over 100 articles on various aspects of art, photography, language, linguistics, religion, and science.

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    A great starter guide to learn silhouette photography.

  2. lnc account photo


    It has plenty of info.

  3. lnc account photo

    Pedro Rogério

    Just get it and read it! A must, whether you are film based or digital!

  4. lnc account photo

    John Crepezzi

    A superbly written guide.

  5. lnc account photo

    Emanuele Minotto

    It’s a great guide! I will try these from tomorrow! Hopefully I can make them work for me!

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    How silhouette really started out is very interesting, I love Nasrul’s photos and writing.

  7. lnc account photo

    Brian Carey

    A silhouette or shadow can be a strong compositional element!

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