Describe Your Work

In the Best Possible Way

From the award’s inception, we received a tremendous amount of responses from around the world. With each Photo of the Day announcement, responses spread and grew to such an extent, that no award has ever seen. Our team works very hard to ensure every single photo reaches the vast audience. Not only do we Tweet and Share photos, but we listen to photographers, and help in describing their photographs the best possible way.

Daily Reach

Daily traffic insight from Facebook, September 30, 2012.

This is for

Million to See, to Know,

And to Remember,

Who You Are

When the photo reaches the next level, the much-anticipated Photo of the Month, all the comments, Tweets, Shares, and Likes from your friends, or a person thousands of miles away, whom you never expected to write or share your work, make us feel very special. Becoming the Photo of the Month helps you reach million; not only they see your photograph, but also they will remember who you are, how you captured that special moment, where you found all the inspiration, and then created successful art. This is the reason Light & Composition exists … to show case the genuine work of art for this and generations to come.