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At Light & Composition University, we not only let students transfer their academic credit from other institutions, but we also award credit for work or life experience if they are extraordinary and worth awarding. Students are always welcome to explore the possibility of obtaining departmental approval for the transfer of credit earned through work, life experience, and coursework taken at other institutions.

Please choose the transfer credit segment and select the appropriate academic program in which you want to get enrolled. Do fill up all the information, with proper documentation in this application form below very carefully as it will enable you to a successful credit transfer. 

Transfer Credit Policies

Light & Composition University office of admission reserves the right to accept or reject credits earned at other institutions of higher education as long as those credits have been earned through university-level courses appropriate to the student’s degree program.

The academic/program advisor determines how the transfer credits shown on the transfer-credit evaluation may be used to meet Light & Composition University degree requirements.

Credits will not be accepted for courses considered below college level, usually numbered below 100.

Credits will not be accepted for repeated courses or courses with duplicate subject content.

A non-native English speaker who completes first-year English language courses from different institutions of higher education may use those language credits, however, s/he needs to demonstrate language proficiency through an examination.

Your official academic transcript that lists the unit titles, grades achieved, and credits awarded must clearly show the title of the qualification you were studying towards or completed.

If your documents aren’t issued in English, along with the original, you need to upload an official translation made by a certified translator.

If you are unable to fill up the required details in the form, we sincerely advise you to talk with a program adviser to plan a program of study if they want to transfer credit through our 24/7 support system.

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