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Light & Composition University is a non-profit, online university for distance learning and research in the field of art and photography.

It is the first university of its kind, which is open for educators and students to learn, research, contribute, and publish through collaborative learning.

Light & Composition at a Glance

Started in 2008, through academic publications, the university currently offers undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs for both new learners and working professionals, who want to earn a diploma, bachelor, masters, or doctorate degree, but for whom a traditional university education simply won’t do.

From the most prestigious photography award, where we rank world’s top 100 photographers to university education, today it is in fact one of the very first universities, where individuals can truly learn in independent of time or place, and on individualized pacing to earn their degrees and credentials that are credible for both academic institutions and employers. Learn how our curriculum, journals, publications, award, and virtual learning environment make us #1 university for B.F.A. in Photojournalism.

It is Here, That We Are Changing the History of Art and Photography to What It Should Be

Light & Composition began because we had a vision to create a platform that showcased a genuine work of art in its purest form; to highlight the true essence of photography and its artistic side. By the time we put out our very first publication, the photographic world was already on the verge of change, where one started to feel very different from the experience of earlier generations. Photography transitioned from an object of learning about the world we live in to becoming an object of desire for dealers, collectors, and Hedge Fund managers. This provides a new scale of values for assessing the worth of a photograph and a reason to fight for its ownership.

On the other side of this visual art medium there is a different world. Where the boom of numerous image hosting providers are taking place, along with the various social media networks, which give people on mass the opportunity to share on enormous scales, and make people feel like photographers. There has never been a medium so widely appreciated and so eagerly exploited like the medium of photography. Ethics have taken a back seat since and that’s when we realized how important is to establish a firm ground for the purist form of photography for university level, and introduced ourselves to portray the world through the lens, using purist perspectives through our publications and awards. Back then, we never thought that Light & Composition would become what it is today. It is here that we are changing the history of art and photography to what it should be for this and generations to come.

Know the Light & Composition Team
Light & Composition University is truly online based. Our core members work from around the world 24/7. Most of our team members are avid travellers. We work while we travel. As adventurous as anyone wants to be, we love to travel off the beaten path, however, we are a group of most down to earth people and always try our best to maintain a very low profile. You might not even notice us when we are visiting your area.

Contributing Photographers and Writers
Saniar Rahman Rahul, Contributing Photographer
Sujoy Das, Contributing Photographer
Ridita Mizan, Contributing Feature Writer
Mohiuddin Ahmed Ranju, Contributing Feature Writer
Sadia Naheen, Contributing Feature Writer

Marketing and Social Media Team Member
Anja Rockel, Social Media Coordinator

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