Tales beyond the Frames

Tales beyond the Frames

Written by Nasrul Eam

Moments that we see through the lens give us a gesture; a gesture that descends into the abyss of visual rhythm and harmonies through a kind of intuition. It is an expression that we experience in that very moment; put a frame around and call it a photograph, but the story goes far beyond the frame.

When we click, the moments we observed and experienced last forever, which have stories, full of visual expressions; and with our artistic touches they become special. It is a journey around the world seen through the lenses of amazing photographers, through the “Enigma of Capturing Light,” that is often “Driven by Passion.”

In this guide, we focus on revealing those stories that go beyond the frames, stories of our understanding and experiences through the eyes of photographers.

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    Great guide and wonderful pics………!!

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      Łeba noclegi

      Very useful information and beautiful images…

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    Phil McDermott

    Great guide and awesome images, have tweeted this to spread the word.

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    Fantastic photographs – claps
    And Yes, Thanks

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    Camilo Bedoya

    these photographs are excellent, very good style and making each image compocision.

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    Great guide and beautiful photographs, thanks ^_^

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    Nice collection of photographs

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    parabéns pelo seu talento! as imagens são lindissimas e adorei o artigo!

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    really nice work!!! always show your best!

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    Luís Pizarro

    Hello Nasrul.

    Congratulations on the talent used in your guide and as you describe visual thinking.

    The pictures are spectacular.

    Thank you very much for the great gift you gave me by letting me know the web: Light and Composition.


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    sf wall wraps

    this is great work love to put it up on wall for all to see!

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    Cecilia Bowerman

    Beautiful photos!!!!

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    A beautiful guide about photography. We like your pictures.Thanks

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    The pictures are so breathtaking!

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    prof liza

    inspiring writings, very charming photos… One day I will also learn how to master chiaroscuro….that I am pretty sure of…

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    Anna Patrick

    Lovely shots!

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    dorion aude

    Through the frame and what i discover :)

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    And I said – God.
    Thanks for sharing.
    But I didn’t read the guide yet, but yes photographs are excellent.

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    Michael Douglas Bosc

    They are spectacular pictures alive and each with its own story.

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    Rheine Guerra

    insightful guide and great pictures!!

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    Ferry Dwijaya

    love to read this article & its usefull

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    Sandy Roberts-Anderson

    Fabulous article and stunning photographs. This is a not to be missed article. I RT’d it, so I could spread the word.

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    Great article. Thanks for the tweet.

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    Useful read. Big thanks for this.

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