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Mastering Photography

Learn, Experience and Explore the World of Photography

Learn, experience and explore the world of photography through the exceptional visualization and composition photographic books bundle – Mastering Photography that helps one develop an artistic eye. It contains two magnificent books, The Quintessence of Photography: Understanding Composition and The Essence of Close-Up Photography: A Guide to Capturing the Splendor of the Unseen World. They not only help you understand the compositional building blocks, but also help harness your artistic potential.

The Quintessence of Photography, deals with elements of composition, teaches you the standard of photography and lets you analyze aesthetics and fundamental components that a photograph must have. When you start reading The Essence of Close-Up Photography, you can certainly experience the majestic close-up world and gain insight on how to use natural ambient light, develop technical understanding ranging from basic to advanced, and all-important interpretations that help to transform your photograph so that it glows with true passion.

The Quintessence of Photography
Publisher: Light & Composition University Press
Author: Nasrul Eam
Photographs by Nasrul Eam
Edition: First Edition
First Published: February 4, 2009
Second Revised Edition: March 11, 2011
Pages: 125 pages
Format: Native PDF
Size: 20.038 MB

The Essence of Close-Up Photography
Publisher: Light & Composition University Press
Author: Nasrul Eam
Photographs by Nasrul Eam
Edition: First Edition
First Published: July 19, 2009
Second Edition: September 16, 2012
Pages: 89 pages
Format: Native PDF
Size: 16.418 MB

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Get to Know the Author

Nasrul Eam
Light & Composition

Nasrul has been setting new standards as an author, photographer, editor, educator, and art director for more than a decade. Currently Editor-in-Chief at Light & Composition, Head of Department of Art and Photography, and Language and Linguistics at Light & Composition University, Nasrul started his professional career in 2000. He wrote books such as The Quintessence of Photography: Understanding Composition, for developing artistic vision, and The Essence of Close-up Photography, for developing the basics of photographic vocabulary and exploring close-up photography with an artistic touch. His other books are Illuminating Nature, volume 1 and 2, with vivid examples of nature and wildlife photography, The Happy Children of the Third World, which touches on the meaning of life, to its core, and Mastering Food Photography. Understanding the Building Blocks of English Language, and Understanding the Structure of English Language, are two of his well-known books, which have been used in English language learning programs, in different countries around the world. Nasrul has published over 100 articles on various aspects of art, photography, language, linguistics, religion, and science.

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It is our great privilege that admirable people from different parts of the world show their interest in reading our books and even personally emailing us their valuable thoughts. We feel honored sharing their thoughts with other customers. Please read the reviews below before buying our articles, guides, and books.


  1. lnc account photo

    Baishampayan Ghose

    I took the New York Institute of Photography Professional Course in 2011, and it was the worst experienced of my life. It seems to take them forever to send the next unit. When I reported it to them, I got a very nasty and rude reply from NYIP. My hope for learning photography had gone, then I found Light and composition, I bought these books due to all of the great reviews, and I would agree, it’s an easy read. It has great suggestions for making your photograph looks more professional. I highly recommend these books, very informative. I wish they open an institute soon.

  2. lnc account photo

    Zach Leatherman

    The Quintessence of Photography is a stunning book. I went to Annapurna so many times but never able to take such astonishing photograph like Nasrul. This year I will go there again, and I will spend a lot of time enjoying Himalayas from Nasrul’s viewpoint. The picture on page 37 of Annapurna South looks like a real painting. I also love his photographs from Yak Kharka and Tilicho Tal, I wish I could be with Nasrul.
    His idea behind this book, practical experience, and stimulating examples does help me to improve. Essence of close-up photography is for anyone who has struggled to capture the beauty of nature, they will find it inspiring and encouraging, it is a definitive guide for close-up photography. I highly recommend it.

  3. lnc account photo


    I bought this excellent “Mastering Photography” for the same reason I like Light & Composition Magazine, Nasrul is a great photographer who knows what photographers need, and he knows how to write it. I can’t say what it does for beginners but for photo aficionados such as me, this is the best book that I have read. From its beginning to the end, these books surprised me with the number valuable lessons. Highly recommended.

  4. lnc account photo

    Christopher Herrera

    I can’t believe any single author would provide such a depth of knowledge and experience! Anyone who is passionate about photography as I am, should consider these books.

  5. lnc account photo

    Gleb Bahmutov

    Photographs are splendid. The contents are really informative that put in a way anyone can comprehend. I learned a lot of different techniques from reading them. It really improved the quality of my pictures.

  6. lnc account photo


    I have written dozens of articles about photography. After reading these outstanding books, I now know how wrong I was. Professional quality pictures do not need editing, and these books proved it well. They are painless read, very easy to understand, and practical. Nasrul’s advice are straightforward, trouble-free guidance that everyone must take advantage of. I am hugely grateful. Highly recommended!

  7. lnc account photo

    Saša Stamenković

    I don’t usually go to the effort of review books but felt obliged to review this wonderful package. These two books have suddenly helped me not only understand my camera better but also take better photographs! They are easier to understand than any guides. Overall I like it and look forward to putting these techniques into practice. I am also going to continue with the other photography books by author Nasrul Eam as I now have full trust on his work.

  8. lnc account photo

    Jiri Kuncar

    I’ve loved Nasrul’s work since the day I saw Light & Composition magazine. I was excited about this package for months. Finally I ordered with the discount, this is EXTRAORDINARY for this price. Photographs are amazing, give inspiration. Very well written, and put everything together. I highly recommend these beautiful books…

  9. lnc account photo

    Alvin Crespo

    First, I must admit that I’m a big fan of Light & Composition and own all their books as well as their magazines. So how are these books? If you are just getting started with photography, there is no better book to begin than The Essence of Close-up Photography. Let me tell you, when I originally purchased it, I was by no means a pro or anywhere near it, but that book has improved me, it gave tips on how to achieve those amazing shots without all the confusion.

    What can I say about the Quintessence of Photography – without a doubt, that is my absolutely favorite of all their books. Great books!

  10. lnc account photo

    Emad Elsaid

    Any book by Light & Composition is a good investment! Their styles make it easy to understand. If you struggle with technical stuff about photography like I do, then these are the book for you. Highly Recommended!

  11. lnc account photo

    Pat Brisbin

    I really enjoy these books. They do have lot of helpful hints and are a wealth of knowledge. There are many tips, which I had discovered on my own or learned from others, so these books are not only for beginners, but a nice refresher for professionals too, a reference with all important tips. Highly Recommended!

  12. lnc account photo

    Siarhei Zirukin

    I now have all five books by Light & Composition. They have made my photography artistic. I enjoy flipping through all the books, finding new ways to improve my photo. I would definitely recommend Mastering Photography, these two books they bundle here, explains enough theory for me to understand concepts and apply that in every situation.

  13. lnc account photo


    I’m a professional photographer; and rated myself strong in composition, but I was wrong!! Heck, these books changed my way of seeing, a must have package! I have learned plenty from The Quintessence of Photography. This is the best spent on my photography.

  14. lnc account photo


    These books are great. Nasrul makes the book interesting. It’s written in very understandable language. Very satisfied with this purchase.

  15. lnc account photo


    I was very pleased when I opened up The Essence of Close-Up Photography; it is a step by step detail for doing close-up. The way it explained is simple and easy. The Quintessence of Photography, a book that has all as it promises to be! It gives real insight to photography and all the secrets one needs. Perfect for anyone like me, who would like to learn more, and have a guide to follow. Well worth the money.

  16. lnc account photo


    After reading so many positive reviews, I was almost made my decision to buy this package, but $35 is expensive. Finally last week I bought it as my new year’s gift. Comparing the dozens of books I’ve read, or all the courses and seminars I’ve taken, this is the best investment I have made, and all for less than $40! Both the books are well written, easy to read, and pleasantly illustrated. If you’ve recently invested in a DSLR, this should be your second investments. Yes! Highly recommended!

  17. lnc account photo


    I have been doing photography for many years, but never was able to completely understand the fundamentals of it by reading “how to’s” online. Within few hours reading these books, you can gain more knowledge than you would in hours of reading tips online. They are clear and simple. This, Mastering Photography is well worth the money, and worth more than any photography books I’ve seen.

  18. lnc account photo

    Aaron Patterson

    This is a must-have text for the serious photographer. I have been a fan of Nasrul Eam’s photography, ideas, and writings. Light and Composition Magazine inspires my photography, and now these two books clearly show me how to make excellent photographs. Both the books have been a real revelation to me, as I didn’t think I would ever get the quality of such creative photographs. Highly recommended!

  19. lnc account photo

    Alexis Couronne

    Like many others, if Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson is your first book, then you’ll love these two books. They show you how you can improve your fundamental skills, and apply them. Quintessence of Photography is the book that you need most, one of the best on photography.

  20. lnc account photo


    First, I like the size, perfect for my iPad, and can study on the road. Both the books packed with tons of information. Nasrul gives the basics first, then a section for review what you have learn so far. He goes on to the fundamental of understanding; really breaks it down, including tips on how to achieve them. I found Essence of Close-up Photography, a very useful hand book to understand close-up, natural ambient of light. The other book, The Quintessence of Photography is best with great explanations and information on achieving beautiful composition, where page has photos with explanation. This was a great purchase and a must have Photography books.

  21. lnc account photo


    What could be better than a book from Light and Composition that shows techniques and how to make them real? Both the books are like bible to photography for people like me, who are passionate about photography. I teach photography and I feel these are must have books! They are full of colorful visuals and have fascinating information, very well written and organized. I recommended Mastering Photography is a good start.

  22. lnc account photo


    Mastering Photography is certainly an interesting read. As you see, it has two books and both of them give decent overviews to various photography topics that a photograph must know. It also helps to guide photographers in the right direction. I admit Nasrul is a great photographer who captures the soul of a place perfectly! I’d recommend this instead of any photography books. I would put this on my must read list.

  23. lnc account photo

    Jesica Ahlberg

    I was led to these books via Twitter, having bought many good photographic technique books; this is the first to explain why and what to do. These books cover every aspect of the subject in a positively illuminating way. After a week spent reading Quintessence of Photography, I found myself applying what I learned with very good results. If you know the technical aspects of photography, you know what every control and menu item in your camera does, and want to take better photos, then you are likely going to benefit from checking out Quintessence of Photography, if not just start with the other book Essence of Close-up Photography.

  24. lnc account photo

    Professor Benjamin

    These books got my highest rating, 10 stars! Let me tell you why, I’ve been doing professional photography for 25 years. I have purchased literally hundreds of books on photography since 1985…yet I have NEVER seen a book on artistic composition that even pretends to approach these fine books! Both the books go far beyond the aforementioned basic of art and photography!!

    Do you want to truly get into the mind of an absolute Master of Photography? Want to know the thought processes the master goes through before clicking the shutter? Get these books, specially The Quintessence of Photography: Understanding Composition. In case you are relatively new to photography, then you are the lucky one to start with the right books. Photographers at every level of photography will find these books hard to put down! Even someone who just picked up a camera today will learn something.

  25. lnc account photo


    Awesome books! Mastering Photography is close to perfect for my needs. The Author explains everything about photography, when to use which camera setting and what the result will be. He also explains how to see things artistically and many more… These two books have been extremely educational and beneficial for my personal goal of growing my photographic skills.

  26. lnc account photo

    Gavin E.

    These two are wonderful books. If you’re new to the world of DSLR’s, or even a professional photographer like me, buy this package. These books are easy read. Everything broken down very simply and conveys wealth of knowledge in plain old English. One of the nice things that stands out in these book is that the author understands the photography so well he focus on stuff everyone should know. He gives examples of things he had trouble with and what really help to get the concepts. Highly recommended!

  27. lnc account photo

    Leslie Banks

    I’m impressed with the idea behind this Mastering Photography package. These books are simple but well focused. The author takes a focused look at art and creativity that pros have used to convey the story to the viewer. Both the books seem well balanced, The Quintessence of Photography covers everything a student of photography need to know. It is even a great book for anyone new to photography. I highly Recommended this.

  28. lnc account photo

    R. A. Morsi, Ph.D.

    The awful thing about the digital photography is, most people think if they have a good digital camera they can be good photographers. You can shoot with the most expensive, high-end gear and still get terrible, amateurish results. I’ve been doing photography for 8 years, I wish I found these books lot earlier. “Mastering Photography” is one of the best instructional photography package I’ve ever read in terms of illustrating the easiest and most effective ways of getting the kind of artistic sense that will make your photography look a hundred times better than the photos we see all over Flickr these days. Before you spend thousands dollar on camera gear, buy this book and learn how photography is done. Knowing light properly can make a huge difference, trust me.

  29. lnc account photo

    Lorita Vannah

    These are really instructive book, with information presented clearly and coherently. They Cover those technical detail that I need with an emphasis on obtaining artistic eye. Quintessence of Photography and Essence of Close-up Photography can give you a complete photography guide, and I found it true. Both of them have enjoyable photographs as example. I suggest these are the books for photographers.

  30. lnc account photo

    K. Harvick

    As a complete novice these books are too much for me, I will need to re-read all chapters again to understand it better. They give great examples though that inspired me to try something different with my camera. Both the books are well written. Highly Recommended!

  31. lnc account photo

    Angelika Lancsak

    Impressive work! Sending positive vibes..cheers Angelika

  32. lnc account photo

    Lisa Schirch

    I’ve been reading books on composition for years but these books are the best so far. Now I know why developing an artistic eye is so important for a photographer. The Quintessence of Photography helped me notice the things around me that I’ve never looked at before. My photographs are more interesting and I see frame everywhere – even when I don’t have my camera with me. The Essence of Close-up Photography is a lushly illustrated book with excellent photographs, helping me to produce fresher close-up images. I highly recommended these books for photographers who wants to really see the world with an artistic eye.

  33. lnc account photo

    Drew Leder

    I found these two books to be as engaging as an inspiring journey. I highly recommend it for those who have a camera and like to shoot things artistically.

  34. lnc account photo


    These books were a joy to read. When I first started to read the book Quintessence of Photography, I was bit shocked of my lack of knowledge in photography; by the time I finished the first chapter I was amazed at the ability of writer to take me to the principles to photography that I would never think could learn. The Essence Close-up photography is a top notch for close-up, a wonderfully illustrated book. Any photographer that wishes to start a photographic library must make these two his first preference.

  35. lnc account photo


    These books are excellent and I am buying them on my iPad to read before my travel to Asia. As an avid ‘point-and-shoot’ travel photographer, I was keen to learn about photography composition for my new D-SLR. These books are just perfect for explaining them at the same time keeping it simple enough to understand. The Quintessence of Photography is my favorite. Highly recommended!

  36. lnc account photo


    If you are really into photography, then these are amazing books. No, you cannot get any how to expose properly to Photoshop. Light and Composition does not consider any Photoshop edited image as photography, and now I know why they don’t. These books are real educational and inspirational. Highly recommended!

  37. lnc account photo

    Corey R.

    They are the best books on taking great photographs that I have ever read. It covers everything; I mean really everything that is important about photography. The book Quintessence of Photography is filled with tips and step-by-step procedures to understand composition. These books are written by a person who knows photography inside and out. Did I mention this is one of the best books I have ever purchased?

  38. lnc account photo

    Adam Kanter

    These books are like taking excellent photography courses. Over the past year, I have been educating myself but these are by far the most helpful books I have come across. Nasrul really makes you think about yourself as a visual athlete. He makes you believe that you can do it. Recommended for every photographers out there.

  39. lnc account photo

    Lil Vinuchi

    These books are really great!! The Essence of Close-up Photography is an amazing book. Excellent!!! I am very happy with this purchase.

  40. lnc account photo

    Arun Roy

    After reading over a dozen books on composition and close-up I am finding these two to be the best so far. The ways they are layout the information and illustrate are incredibly useful at the time that I am trying to making artistic photography.

  41. lnc account photo

    Delmy Rivera

    Many thanks for sharing all these wonderful reviews on twitter, which made me to buy this. These books are my best ever read on photography. Here is my review on the two, The Quintessence of photography started with a standard of photography then discussed the various elements on composition. From there it goes more into factors which combined those to a photograph. It explains about lighting conditions, weather, color temperature, and so on. I feel all the information is laid out in an easy to understand fashion that is concisely enough for not getting bored. The Essence of Close-up photograph has all possible information I want to know about close-up. One of my absolute favorite aspects of this book is that it does very good job of showing me the different effects I can achieve by modifying aperture and changing my perspective. It isn’t a long book; you can read through it fairly quickly and learn a lot. I would recommend this to anyone serious in photography.

  42. lnc account photo


    I’ve read many and many books about photography and I think combinations of these two books are the best. I’ve long been an admirer of the Light and Composition, The Quintessence of Photography is their best one. If you are serious about photography and are looking for a stimulating book, this is the one!

  43. lnc account photo

    Shawna Harrington

    In just a couple of hours of reading, I learned so much about light and composition and all I wanted to know about photography. I had never understood how all the settings worked together and how to use them to make good photographs. The Essence of Close-up Photography made my day, as if the book is just meant for me. Now I just need to practice!!! The Quintessence of Photography is the first book on composition that I’ve read, and it is excellent. I still have so much to learn but this book makes it all. Fantastic photos throughout these two books and they are a great to keep around.

  44. lnc account photo

    Marlene Hoffman

    These are two excellent books, written in an easily readable and understandable explanation on how to think artistically. Quintessence of Photography covers how to think about the composition and how to adjust your vision. It helped me to see light and make me think how to use it. That book is an excellent book and will be for all pros. It is my top recommendation. Out of all the books I have purchased to learn close-up photography, ”The Essence of Close-up Photography ” is by far the best. Nasrul writes so well, everything seems easy. I would especially recommend both books for those who starting photography. Well done Light & Composition.

  45. lnc account photo

    Brian Bermingham

    Truly enjoyable and useful books and the writing style is like Ansel Adams. They explain everything how to do it on camera, and not tempted to do in Photoshop. The first part of the book “The Quintessence of Photography,“ called “Standard & Style of Photography” discusses the basic of art, its standard and style. An experienced photographer like me found it new. I think it’s because the discussion emphasis on how those can be acquired to your photographs. Even though photographers should not expect that after reading these books they can take photos like Ansel Adams. Instead, they should expect that they can incorporate understanding composition and build up their own style; and add quality to their photographs.

    The other book, “The Essence of Close-up Photography” is for someone who are new to photography. Who do not know basic technical terms can get really benefited as it explores new vocabularies and then give lots of suggestion to attuning you with your camera. I give it a strong recommendation for anyone who wants to go beyond good photography and willing to take photographs like professional.

    For beginners these books illustrate some of the best possibilities, and for the advanced it offers the insight of becoming a master.

  46. lnc account photo

    Carlos Takeda

    After reading Scott Kelby books this was an eye-opener. These are really nice books considering other books on the market. Every page brought a smile to my face, because the author shows photographic wisdom and great photos with story. You will enjoy these books, especially The Quintessence of Photography, whether or not you have read magazine or books from Light & Composition. I would encourage you to get them

  47. lnc account photo

    Theresa Burns

    These books are very interesting but honestly speaking, “the Quintessence of Photography” is vast and took 2 weeks to finish cover to cover. It is very insightful and full with information. After seeing this book recommended on Light and Composition Magazine, I stumbled upon their books and ordered it 3 weeks ago. Now I think is the perfect time to write a review. The whole book has so many new ideas and techniques for every occasion. Photographs are gorgeous and from many different locations around the world, which made the book have a real life feel. This might be the reason I was able to read the book cover to cover. Both the books were geared towards the art and composition. I would recommend these books to someone who is comfortable with camera and wants to step into next stage.

  48. lnc account photo

    Eili Stene

    These two new books are fantastic reading with the touches of techniques. I recently finished one book of the bundle, “The Essence of Close-Up photography”. I’m writing to recommend it unreservedly. Really nice read on my NookColor. There’s a section about Harnessing Artistic Potential which is totally new to me to being a photographer. Can’t wait to read the other book “The Quintessence of Photography”.

  49. lnc account photo


    These books are not like annoying Scott Kelby’s books, which was full with chit-chat. These two books in Mastering Photography are complete guides and perfect for beginner to professional. As a novice, these books motivate me, and have spoken to me. I would have given it 5 stars as it guides me to understand composition, and light. I would recommend for anyone interested in learning about taking better photos.

  50. lnc account photo

    John Parker

    If you want to know why you need to understand art, then get these books. The photos are gorgeous in both the books, showing the results of art and composition.
    The Quintessence of Photography has three chapters and chapter one started with basic and standard of photography, which I haven’t seen in any other photography books. If you read this book and apply what Nasrul is teaching then you should have no fear. It’s obvious in his writing how seriously he takes composition. I’ve read many books but these really are complete guides.

  51. lnc account photo

    Adam Richards

    I was taking a workshop and realized my photos are not looking as those who have technical knowledge, but I did not know where to begin. Mastering Photography simply changed my understanding; I wish I had these books when I first started out. Understanding composition is the single most important thing you can do in photography. The book “Quintessence of Photography” is pretty awesome, well written and easy to understand. I never thought I would do close-up photography, but the second book open that world to me. These are essential reading.

  52. lnc account photo


    I am totally new to photography, a novice learning as I go, not having any formal training but always want to take better pictures. I bought these books few days back and I found them very helpful in learning composition. Though many areas were explained in these books with lots of examples; but for understanding a complex topic, whenever I email to Light & Composition, I always get a reply. I really appreciate them.

  53. lnc account photo


    These two books are not that cheap! I always feel, if I get some good ideas from a book, then the investment in the book has paid off. These books go beyond this threshold. I am a documentary photographer shooting in any condition, and I found all sections in “the Quintessence of Photography” are as informative as new with ideas that I always want in my photographs. Definitely recommended!

  54. lnc account photo


    As a nature photographer, my focus is on using natural light, and these books have really helped me develop taking photograph with right quality and direction of light. “The Essence of Close-up Photography” gives the use natural lighting for composition and giving attention to light and shadows, which was a new idea for me. If you are looking for a book that can provide many ideas for composition and creative lighting then both the books, “The Quintessence of Photography” and “The Essence of Close-up Photography” have a lot to offer all types of photographers.

  55. lnc account photo

    Janice Edens

    I am not sure that I can add much to what has already been said in the other reviews about these two books. They are the best books about photography that I have read in a long time. Both the books are well written, deep, and insightful. The author Nasrul reveals a comprehensive knowledge of art and technical side for composition, which he applies well to photography. If you want an insightful Book then “Quintessence of Photography” is the first one for photographic composition.

  56. lnc account photo

    Thomas Geist

    I purchased these two books as bundle and loved it. I learned a lot about composition and close-up. The photos are great with high quality composition. I liked it enough that I went back and bought all the Light & Composition Books. I wish these books a few years ago when starting out my photography.

  57. lnc account photo

    Lola Mansson

    These books are very well presented with lots of examples and very clear and complete narrative. It takes you through the basics of exposure while developing your understanding of composition.” The Quintessence of Photography” was recommended to me by a professional photographer. From a photographer’s perspective, the photographs are marvelous, whether landscape, wildlife, beautiful nature scenes, adventure, or even people.

  58. lnc account photo

    Ahmed Rashid

    I found these books hard to put down once I started, because the author has a great writing style. These books take the reader from the very basic to more advanced concept of photography. They are very easy to understand and went into my mind so much so that I am using the techniques of composition more and more. Mastering Photography has full filled its mission to improve the skills of the photographer. I feel “The Quintessence of Photography” has opened my mind to see the world in a different way.

  59. lnc account photo


    There is no shortage of publication on photography books but they all seem to focus on the software uses and technical details. When I start reading these books, specially “The Quintessence of Photography”, it fills a big gap between art and technical side in the age of digital photography. As you know, artistic composition is more elusive, and surprisingly Nasrul Eam did it well to help point the way. My recommendation is that these books are more important than any of your lens or camera accessories.

  60. lnc account photo

    Andrew Roos

    As an amateur photographer who always seeks guidance; these beautiful books has changed me. They are written by someone who not only loves the photography but also nature. These books are so inspirational and would make a great read for all photographers. ”The Quintessence of Photography” is the best book about photographic composition. The other one “The Essence of Close-Up Photography” changed my perspective on close-up, and makes me working toward artistic philosophy of nature.

  61. lnc account photo


    Nasrul Eam has a unique ability to take technical and scientific principles and explain them in a language that any photographer can understand and apply. These two books in Mastering Photography have reinforced my own artistic and technical workflow. I really enjoyed his rules of composition and the artistic and compositional discussions which he applies to the photographs. Any one wants to start photography would definitely do well to make these as first books.

  62. lnc account photo

    George B.

    I’ve read many books on photography; each has its purpose and adds to my understanding. These books certainly helped me to view what I want in an image. After reading “The Quintessence of Photography” through just once, I have a much better understanding of how to do proper composition. Though some said, this book is written for the advanced photographer but an armature photographer like me grasped with no problem. I am still reading “The Essence of Close-Up Photography” and I must say it has greatly improved my confidence; this is the way photography should be taught.

  63. lnc account photo

    Kristine Lee

    Moment i got these books, i started to read. These books provide an excellent background on the basics of composition. Technical things relates to aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are in a really easy to read manner. Love these books & highly recommend them!

  64. lnc account photo


    I’ve enjoyed reading these books. Just after reading the first couple parts of The Essence of Close-up photography, I had understood more than from the classes that I have been taking in college. These books are amazing.

  65. lnc account photo


    These book came recommended by number of people as a great book to help you understand photography, just as the title implies. I certainly enjoyed these books, learning new tricks and the art.

  66. lnc account photo


    I love the layout of the books very much. They are very insightful. Please keep on the good work. I certainly will check out it often for more books and introduce it to my colleagues.

  67. lnc account photo


    I haven’t even finished reading them yet and I already have learned so much. Currently I am reading Quintessence of Photography, and I love the creative approach. I am a self taught photographer and love how easy it makes me doing composition. To me the best composition book.

  68. lnc account photo


    Good stuff! I don’t remember reading such good books. They are pretty good. They aren’t as basic as the Scott Kelby books, but they are more in depth and meaningful. Happy to know this become the best-selling photography books.

  69. lnc account photo


    These are excellent books. In fact, I need to read them again. Very interesting writing and has lots of good tips for creating perfect photo combining use of ISO, shutter speed and aperture with composition. Most informative book! I believe they are the best books out there for photography.

  70. lnc account photo


    Wow, these books are very interesting to read. i bought this photography book bundle because many people recommended it. I have to say it was not disappointing like most of the photography books. In fact if you’re interested all about photography, these books are MUST have.

  71. lnc account photo


    Well written books, well researched and use full for me. I am so happy that i ordered them. Will write more once i finish reading them.

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    I learned more in these book about composition than I learned in a whole year of photography school. Beautiful pictures, written in a clear not boring language.

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    I’m really loving these two books, I hope my review will help you decide that it’s the right choice for you!

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    J. Leone

    I really enjoyed these two books. It’s always nice when you read something that is not only informative but entertaining. Greet.

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    Brian O’Dell

    I found these books extremely easy to read and full with information. If you want to improve you skills these books are worth twice the price.

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