A Photographer's Guide to Nepal

A Photographer’s Guide to Nepal

Written by Nasrul Eam

From the greatest mountain of Himalayas to the most sophisticated urban culture, Nepal is the dream destination for any photographer, where one can travel as cheap as he wants, to the level of all comfort a traveler is looking for. It’s a country to explore, to understand, and to capture moments of the world’s greatest outdoors activities. Here, if you plan ahead, you can photograph and do some awe-inspiring trekking, spectacular mountain biking, white-water rafting, paragliding, and much more at least half the price of the United States or New Zealand.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people travel to Nepal to experience life in the Himalayas, however, over the last one decade this country has changed a lot. Often you need to take new alternative routes that avoid roads and vehicles. In this short guide, we suggest you these if you truly want to photograph the majestic Nepal.

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    Good work.

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    Christopher Herrera

    Just what I was looking for.

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    Yes, excellent book for planning your photography trips in Nepal.

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    Jiri Kuncar

    Great guide.

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    Siarhei Zirukin

    This covers everything I need for my trip to Nepal.

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    Very good guide for people who are planning to take photographs in Nepal.

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    Beautiful, I love the guide.

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    Alexis Couronne

    Amazing photography and very informative.

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    I like the part where he explained how to prepare your camera for Nepal.

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    Nice guide for a price like this.

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    Good guide, Nasrul has good knowledge about Nepal and where to take photos.

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