The Enigma of Capturing Light

The Enigma of Capturing Light

Written by Nasrul Eam

It is light that colors our vision, our understanding, and allows us to feel the essence of our surroundings. We are able to capture all this through the lens, with the aid of light, into the medium of photography.

“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.” The famous quote by George Eastman, which every photographer must know by heart before stepping into this world of this visual language.

Light has many mysteries. With its colors, directions, and qualities, it can produce well-defined details, halftones, and shadows in your captured photographs. We will unfold those mysteries of capturing light in this guide, especially when the lights are brilliant as well as when you have to photograph in bad lighting conditions, which every photographer experiences at some point.

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    wooow!!! Wonderful!!
    congratulations!! :) :) :)

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    Sajjad Musavi

    beautiful photography

  3. lnc account photo

    Kari J Choi

    beautifullllllllllllll~ :)

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    You are a visual writer whose words are filled with light. Thank`you. j

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    G. Cabrera F.

    Excelente articulo, siempre he pensado q la luz es a la foto como el aire a nuestro cuerpo; desde Venezuela…saludos.

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    Rooha Tariq

    Great pictures :)

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    Brian Carey

    Great read, nice images!

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    nice pic’s ^^

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    Phil McDermott

    Another fantastic article accompanied by images of your usual very high standard. I greatly enjoy and really look forward to reading about your travel exploits. Thank you, Phil

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    The Enigma of Capturing Light through your images gave me a reason to travel. I must quote “It is light that colors our vision” liked your theory, beautifully crafted……..well done would love to read your experiences more…:)

    • lnc account photo

      Veronika Padberg

      The world invites you to travel! It’s the light that has more revolutionary power than anything else. Just writing another theory of the light … would love to tell you … :)

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    Awesome photos!

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    Beautifull pict

    Hope in day i can take some’s pict like as that

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    I am awestruck by the beauty of these photographs. Thanks for teaching this novice something invaluable to my beloved hobby. All are winners.

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    very nice collection.

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    What a pity if the light doesn’t exist!

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    beautiful photos

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    I love it!!!!! Congratulations…

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    Right now, I’d like to change my job for yours :)
    Wonderful pics !

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    Jim Alonzo

    I love the collection of this month! Love them all!

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    Melissa Burns

    Loved the article. Lighting is something I’m constantly working to understand. The photographs in this article are inspiring and breathtaking. Thanks for sharing this information.

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    Ferry Dwijaya

    Awesome #Photography tutorial like the 3rd & last picture on the right row

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    Radek Kozak

    Great article as well as photographs accompanying them. Superb !

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    Photography is about capturing moments – I say.
    And from the shown photographs the favorite photograph is:
    Nieve by Sergio Barrios Nuñez (La Rioja, Spain)
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. lnc account photo

    Paula Lee Bright

    Absolutely gorgeous photos. I’ve tweeted it to all my teacher friends as most of these would be awesome story-starters for kids who just can’t come up with an idea!

    And it’s been retweeted and then retweeted some more…thanks for the beauty!


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    The text is inspiring and the photos are great, BUT I’d really like to have the photo discussed presented next to (or near) the text.

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    Santhosh Kumar

    Fantastic article and great images! Loved every bit of it!

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