Light & Composition University is a non-profit autonomous university. It is the first online autonomous university that exercises independent control over its day-to-day operations and curriculum, as opposed to a university in which the government (Ministry of Education), a public agency (28 countries in European Union), or a non-government agency (only in the United States) controls the academic programs.

We are registered as an autonomous university, simply because we do not want to be controlled by the bureaucracy that is present among all these organizations, which is ruining our education system. People know it well but either they are part of that system or afraid to speak against it.

We are one of the few universities in the world that solely offers diploma, graduate, post-graduate, and doctorate programs in different fields of photography and photojournalism. These are our core programs, and we have been developing them for over a decade. We are also the first university in the world that runs the most prestigious photography award as well as rank among the world’s top 100 photographers. Subjects like photojournalism or different creative fields of photography should never be taught with a curriculum controlled by the bureaucracy and capitalism of this world. If you understand it – this is the university for you.

To get rid of the bureaucracy and commercial accreditation (United States) that these organizations have been practicing, under the umbrellas of corrupt governments, countries like Canada do not have a system of national or regional accreditation. There are some countries, that gives the permission to their universities to run as autonomous. For example, Singapore now has six autonomous local universities, namely the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology & Design, Singapore Institute of Technology, and Singapore University of Social Sciences.

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