Mastering Food Photography

Mastering Food Photography

Written by Nasrul Eam

From the freshly baked pizzas of the West, smothered with rich sun-dried tomatoes, mushroom, olive, and melting mozzarella cheese, to the roasted succulent spiced meats of Turkey, Afghanistan, and Persia, to Burma’s seafood stews; the delectable dumplings and stir-fry noodles of China and Tibet to the mouth-watering sushi of Japan … and there are thousands more dishes to tempt even the fussiest palate … food … the unimaginably delicious taste that restores one’s faith in life, love, and the universe! It is food photography, the special segment that reflects the tidbits of joy in every single click!

If you are longing to step into the true aesthetic world of food styling, and take mouthwatering food photographs you’ve always wanted then “Mastering Food Photography: The Tidbits of Joy in Every Single Click” is the guide for you that will certainly change your food photography. Learn and explore the art of food photography form the most precisely written guide and master it.

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    Sebastian Wallin

    A book that you could give as a gift to your friends.

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    Kulichkin Denis

    Photos are presented with just the right amount of text it needed. I have read many food photography book and this one is the best.

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    If you have a food blog then this is the must have guide. I am a food blogger and I’ve learned so much from this book! Highly recommended.

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    I love way the book was written. After reading this book I have purchased all the other titles by Nasrul.

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    Eric Seidel

    I have learned a lot from this book, glad that I bought it.

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    Christopher Lloyd

    It’s a great book.

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    A book full with practical information. It is a very helpful guide for food photography.

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