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The Essence of Close-up Photography

Written by Nasrul Eam

The Essence of Close-up Photography; A guide to capturing the splendor of the unseen world is one of a kind, which deals with amazing visual life of the zoomed-in world, and teaches you the craft of capturing it. This is a well-organized book that contains every aspect of close-up photography, which lays the groundwork to becoming a successful nature photographer. Its informative and evocative text aims to enlighten both beginners and experienced photographers.

Photography purely depends on the understanding of light. How you interpret light and its moments help to make you a successful photographer. This book explains how you can use the knowledge of light to frame the subject while pairing it with perfect composition filled with ever-glowing natural tone. Learn this without doing any post-processing or alternation.

Publication Details
Publisher: Light & Composition University Press
Author: Nasrul Eam
Photographs by Nasrul Eam
Edition: First Edition
First Published: July 19, 2009
Second Edition: September 16, 2012
Pages: 89 pages
Format: Native PDF
Size: 16.418 MB

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Get to Know the Author

Nasrul Eam
Light & Composition

Nasrul has been setting new standards as an author, photographer, editor, educator, and art director for more than a decade. Currently Editor-in-Chief at Light & Composition, Head of Department of Art and Photography, and Language and Linguistics at Light & Composition University, Nasrul started his professional career in 2000. He wrote books such as The Quintessence of Photography: Understanding Composition, for developing artistic vision, and The Essence of Close-up Photography, for developing the basics of photographic vocabulary and exploring close-up photography with an artistic touch. His other books are Illuminating Nature, volume 1 and 2, with vivid examples of nature and wildlife photography, The Happy Children of the Third World, which touches on the meaning of life, to its core, and Mastering Food Photography. Understanding the Building Blocks of English Language, and Understanding the Structure of English Language, are two of his well-known books, which have been used in English language learning programs, in different countries around the world. Nasrul has published over 100 articles on various aspects of art, photography, language, linguistics, religion, and science.

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  1. lnc account photo

    Frank Orford

    I bought this book same time I ordered Bryan Peterson, Understanding Close-Up Photography. I was extremely disappointed with Bryan Peterson book. What’s the difference? If you are looking for a book printed in nice paper and has good binding, few useful tips, not much on macro photography, then go for Bryan Peterson, but if you are looking for learning close up photography, then this “Essence of Close-up Photography” is the best.

    Nasrul is the best photography authors I have come across. I’ve never before read anything so easy to understand! I highly recommend this book.

  2. lnc account photo

    Katy Heinze

    Very good book to start with. It explains everything you need to know to enter photography would. Every page is loaded with useful photography terms, tips, suggestions that make you want to get out and start shooting. Thank you Nasrul.

  3. lnc account photo

    Georg Eriksen

    I have attended many workshops taught by renowned photographer, but never really pleased. This book caries all of the lessons I need. Nasrul has a real knack for presenting subjects at a level where you can easily grasp the ideas. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking detailed instruction to get genuine photograph.

  4. lnc account photo

    Candy JaCquet

    I just finished reading this book by Nasrul Eam, and it was so inspiring to me!

    Photographs in the book are extremely beautiful, gives numerous ideas for exercises. When I read each section, I immediately wanted to go. This book has helped me seeing more in nature around me. I’m very happy with this book.

  5. lnc account photo

    Yasef Imroze

    When I first bought my DSLR, I had no idea what photography is. So, I was browsing through websites for tips and then I found a link to L&C and I bought this book. And since then, it helped me get knowledge of the simplest of stuffs on photography. Buying this book was definitely one of the best decisions I have made!

  6. lnc account photo

    Carol Klingel

    Awesome book for any new photographers. I found it very helpful and have already incorporated much of the lessons into my own work. If you want a step by step guide on close-up photography, then this book you’re looking for. Yes, I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.

  7. lnc account photo

    Sam Wooster

    Photos are awesome. Sometimes I look at them without reading. Certainly an excellent book with clear, easy to understand concepts and instructions.

  8. lnc account photo

    Sharon L.

    I have read a lot of books on photography in past 6 years, but this has definitely been the easiest one that I have read. I like the fact that most of the photos are taken with Nikon, without using any flash. Nasrul really knows close-up photography and I would recommend this to anyone interested in that subject. You will learn from this book a lot, and if you practice the methods nasrul advocates, you will become a better photographer. Highly Recommended!

  9. lnc account photo

    Cyrus Baker

    I browsed this author’s other book about composition and thought he had amazing photos. Then, I bought this book too, I hope it’s better than that one. Nasrul puts everything you need to start in close-up photography together into one book. Chapter one is not for an advanced photographer, but it is a great way to get started. There are lots of technical parts, which is helpful for close-up. I can tell you from experience that figuring out close-up and macro ratios can be pretty confusing if you start on your own. This is the book for you to get start with.

  10. lnc account photo

    Jamel Maciej

    Good Book on Close-up and straight to the point. This is a book to read, and work on its concepts and ideas.

  11. lnc account photo

    Cecil Bogema

    The contents of this book are masterwork. The writer have done a wonderful job on this topic! I totally rediscover closeup photography.

  12. lnc account photo


    wow.. hitting the purchase link now….

  13. lnc account photo


    This book helped me create some great shots that I otherwise would never have seen. With the vast number of photography books on micro and close up, I’d put this one way top on the priority reading list.

  14. lnc account photo


    Nasrul Eam is a great writer on photography. All of his books are great instructional aids and this one I like most.

  15. lnc account photo

    Brian O’Dell

    Close up photography requies special techniques, and often equipment as well. This book covers them all. If you are looking to get started in Close-Up then this is the book for you.

  16. lnc account photo

    John Duval

    My friend Eddie teaches photography in college, and he recommended this book to me. I have just recently owned a copy, this is just simply great. Thanks

  17. lnc account photo


    This is an excellent book for beginners to advanced. It is really easy to read, entertaining and quite comprehensive.

  18. lnc account photo

    Michael Adams

    Though this book mostly revolves around the artistic and compositional aspects of close-up photography in the second chapter, but in chapter one I have explored so much basic that I have never learned in my past 10 years of photography. .

  19. lnc account photo

    Tim Baker

    If you are looking for a book to learn the technique of close up photography then this is the right book. This book masterfully explains the techniques and expertly recommended the required equipment needed to accomplish the task.

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