A Photographer's Guide to Wildlife Photography

A Photographer’s Guide to Wildlife Photography

Written by Nasrul Eam

It is the wilderness, where you encounter life on earth in its true natural environment. From the fastest mammal on earth with keen eyesight that scans its grassland for the sign of prey, to the great migration of Africa, where millions of wildebeest straggle to move for better grazing areas. It is a stage of nature, where the greatest show on earth plays out. This is the diverse wildlife, from which we could only capture some fractions of moments with photography.

Wildlife photography might be one of the most challenging forms of photography, which not only requires sound technical skills, but also knowledge of the animal’s behavior to be able to predict its actions and then time it precisely. There is no finer adventure than when you are out there, stirring your senses and revitalize your mind for capturing the moment that is going to happen. With this guide, we will learn wildlife photography, especially those steps that we as professionals often practice and ultimately capture the rhythms in nature.

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