We Believe a Work of Art is Only Great When

It’s Been Discovered, Shared, and Recognized

Sharing any artistic work is an integral part of art. Thats why we not only award and share your photographs to our vast social media, but also let you take it to the next level by sharing them personally and asking the people you know to submit reviews in them.

Let Your Voice Count

The world of social media is vast, and it’s not always possible to collect the data if someone individually shares the award in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Once you did, just let us know the link of your share, we will verify and add the score to your awarded photograph’s Share/Reach.

Social Share, Reach, and Review

Score Criteria and Points Distribution

The award score given by our international jury of five contains 80 marks, and the remaining 20 marks, mentioned in the table below are based on the social responses, organic reach, and reviews that they received before the announcement date.

Score CriteriaScore Points
Social Share Score5
Organic Share Score5
Organic View / Reach Score5
Reviews Score5

Estimated Organic Share
An organic share occurs, when someone from your friends, family, and others who are linked with you in your social media shares your content in their accounts. The estimated Organic Share in typically 1/5th of your actual social share.

Estimated Organic Reach/View
We calculate the Organic Reach/View based on two factors. If you are an active user of any social media, when you share a content, typically 1 out of 10 people who see it – visit the link. Besides this, on an average, 1 out of 20 people who visits the award leaves an review.

Social share, share counts, and popularity of a share will not be counted if the share is private, auto generated, manually modified to increase the share count or popularity, reviews are posted from the same IP address, or any bot and like exchange program been used.