The Scent of the Past, by Andrea Migliari

This image recaptured the past gone, old times when everything was made of wood and the world was slower than it is now. I was captured by the composition, the way the objects were left on the table and the lights that comes from the tiny window and spreads throughout the scene.

The Scent of the Past, by Andrea Migliari

Canon EOS 1D Mark III | ISO 100 | Exposure 0.6sec @ f/4.0 | Focal Length 17mm
The Scent of the Past, by Andrea Migliari

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | February 10
Award Score: 66 (Value 12, Clarity 12, Composition 16, Style 13, Skill 13)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Still Life Photography
Photograph Location: Krka National Park | Croatia

Photographer: Andrea Migliari (Treviglio, Italy) Registered
Born in Italy in 1981, Andrea Migliari and his family moved after 12 years spent in the big city of Milan to a small countryside village close to the lake Maggiore called Castelletto Ticino. He left school at 17 to start his working life as a junior carpenter and after a while he decided to take a gap year in London. In the English capital he used to work in many different places while studying English in the London West Collage. Now he is living in Italy, close to Bergamo where he works for a rental car company.

Since he was a teenager he used to take pictures of everything he came across; the beauty of the lake and the marvelous places in the area of Verbano made him become a passionate photographer. He started using a film camera and learning dark room processing in black and white, and then finally moved to digital in 2009 when he bought his first Canon 50D. He attended various photography workshop and post-processing courses that made him developed a particular workflow from the raw capture to the final image. He loves taking picture of everything he likes, from landscapes to portraits and live music event. Some of his pictures were published in a prestigious Italian art magazine Overart. He won the photography competition contest of “Passione Italia” in 2011 with the photo “Quando la città dorme” that was used as a cover image for the White Pages of the Bergamo area. He tries to share his love for photography and visual art through his images, knowing that the beauty may be found just across the street corner.


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