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The journey of Photo of the Day is endless, from one continent to the next, a journey that gives one an understanding of people, nature, and culture. We believe, when one feels it from the heart and captures the moment with their camera, it becomes iconic, which is special to share with the whole world. Let’s share it with others.

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A Wonder Kid by Arif Hossain SayeedA Wonder Kid by Arif Hossain Sayeed

A Wonder Kid by Arif Hossain Sayeed

It was at Old Dhaka, a street vendor was selling umbrellas and people was passing by; my sixth sense said, “Here a photograph is waiting for me.” I got ready with my camera and suddenly a child came out and noticed me, but I wanted a candid, so after around five minutes when the child forgotten my present, she started playing something like hide and seek. I just wished, the vendor had not looked at me that time. I set a frame in my mind where two people would pass with motion one at right side and another one at left side.
Chahar-Bakhtiari Folk by Hadi NavidChahar-Bakhtiari Folk by Hadi Navid

Chahar-Bakhtiari Folk by Hadi Navid

Chahar mahal and Bakhtiari Province in located on South Central of Iran. It is very famous for the nice climate and more than that for nomads with a life based on annual migration. During winter they settle in Khuzestan Province which is warm but during Spring and Summer they live in Chahar mahal and Bakhtiari; And here is where they have their marriage ceremonies. I took this image from a father who’s son was going marry very soon.
Fishing on the Harbour by Leanne LindsayFishing on the Harbour by Leanne Lindsay

Fishing on the Harbour by Leanne Lindsay

I love the energy of street photography - the unexpected moments, the stories waiting to be captured. This afternoon, I found myself drawn to a bustling spot along the Sydney Harbour foreshore. Crowds ambled by, enjoying the afternoon sun, but my eye caught something unique - a family setting up fishing rods! Intrigued I don't know why, but I never considered you could fish in Sydney Harbour. I waited patiently as they baited their hooks and cast their lines. The harbour, usually a domain of ferries and sailboats, suddenly seemed like a whole new world. Mustering my courage, I approached them, camera in hand. Explaining I was a street photographer, I asked if I could capture them in action. They were friendly and happy to chat. Turns out, they're regulars here, and despite the harbor traffic, they often have a good haul! This photo captures the essence of that unexpected encounter. The family relaxed and focused, their lines cutting through the vibrant blue water. The backdrop of the Sydney Opera House fading into the background adds a touch of iconic grandeur.
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