Overlooking Skilak, by Ryan Marquis

This photo was taken on June 6, 2011, overlooking Skilak Lake located at Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Skilak Lake’s rich blue color owes to the glacial sediment fed into the lake from the Skilak Glacier. Visible in the center of the picture is the gravel delta containing the braided streams of the Skilak River. This delta is an indicator of coarser sediments that have been deposited from Skilak Glacier. The glacier itself has retreated a number of miles into the Harding Ice Field over the past few decades. Skilak Lake is also fed from the Kenai River, renowned worldwide for its salmon fishing. Skilak Lake and the surrounding terrain illustrate a landscape carved by glaciers.

Overlooking Skilak, by Ryan Marquis

Canon T1i | Exposure f/13 @ 1/125sec | ISO 100 | Focal Length 18mm
Overlooking Skilak, by Ryan Marquis

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | July 07
Photo of the Day Award Category: Landscape Photography
Photograph Location: Kenai Penisula, Alaska | The United States

Photographer: Ryan Marquis ( Kenai, Alaska USA )
Since discovering the potential that a DSLR camera offers, Ryan Marquis has rarely been seen without his camera in-hand. Ryan Marquis’ photography focuses on landscapes and wildlife in its natural habitat. Ryan considers his camera to be an extension of his eyesight and photography as a way to share those views, and enhance his senses of the natural world around him. He lives in Kenai, Alaska which provides easy access to unexploited wilderness and untamed wildlife. The long and cold Alaskan winters offer him the opportunity to photograph the aurora borealis and winter landscapes, while the summers offer nearly 24/7 daylight to capture Alaska’s rich flora and fauna. He augments the photos on his photoblog by writing about the subjects in the image, oftentimes providing scientific and historical context for his subjects. In addition to landscape and wildlife photography, Ryan experiments with time-lapse videos and astrophotography.
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