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Photo of the day 27072011

Aurora Borealis, by Ryan Marquis

This photo was taken on February 5, 2011, in Kenai, Alaska. Recent solar activity and clear skies prompted me to head to a dark portion of the city, away from light pollution. I stood in -10F (-23 C) in temperatures, watching the aurora borealis…
Photo of the day 07072011

Overlooking Skilak, by Ryan Marquis

This photo was taken on June 6, 2011, overlooking Skilak Lake located at Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. Skilak Lake's rich blue color owes to the glacial sediment fed into the lake from the Skilak Glacier. Visible in the center of the picture is…
Photo of the day 01092010 f

At the Water’s Edge, by Ronnie Glover

This Photograph was taken in Kenai Peninsula-Alaska, which is a large peninsula jutting from the southern coast of Alaska in the United States. It is known as "Alaska's Playground" because of its beautiful scenery, world-class fisheries, and…
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