The Love that Makes Us One

Like the famous song of Scorpion, I often ask myself, “ Is there a heaven above the sky?” But then again I wonder, why should we look for the heaven above the sky and wait for the peace and unity that we seek throughout our life! We are all living under the same sun, same moon, same stars. We could use some love to make us one, to unite us with all dignity and to make the world peaceful and a happy living place.

Under the Same Sun, by Abhiroop Ghosh

Under the Same Sun, by Abhiroop Ghosh

Look at the photo of Abhiroop Ghosh, the view of the people basking under the same sun perfectly represents the microcosmic view of our lives, living in the same world with a single sun above our heads. Isn’t it beautiful? What do you think, can’t we use love to bridge the apparent differences scattered in the planet? Share your thoughts with me!

Article written by: Ridita Mizan
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | March 30 | Under the Same Sun, by Abhiroop Ghosh

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