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Photo of the day 18112011

Colorful Beauty

Have you ever thought about how blind people perceive the world? Do they know what colors are; can they understand the concept? Have you ever imagined your life without color? Definitely not, we can judge the significance of colors with the…
Photo of the day 30032012

The Love that Makes Us One

Like the famous song of Scorpion, I often ask myself, “ Is there a heaven above the sky?” But then again I wonder, why should we look for the heaven above the sky and wait for the peace and unity that we seek throughout our life! We are…
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Sweetness of the Blissful Waiting

There is a famous quote: “There is never a night that could defeat the sunrise”. In my darkest of nights, I often think about this and wait alone for the morning to surface. Each time the sun greets me with new joy and hope to live and carry…
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