A Nun in the City by Stefania Primicerio

I took this photo in the center of Rome in the main street near Piazza Navona. I love walking in the city taking pictures of nuns. I think They are so an interesting subject and so representative of Roman essence. This white nun was walking alone. I took the photo as she passed in front of an ancient door.

a nun in the city by stefania primicerio

iPhone 12 Pro | Exposure 1/320sec @ f/2 | Focal Length 6mm | ISO 25

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August 30, 2021



Value 12
Clarity 12.5
Composition 17
Style 12.5
Skill 12

Award Category
Street Photography

Photograph Location
Rome, Italy

Born in Salerno in 1981, Stefania Primicerio currently living in Rome. When she can, she mostly travels the world to discover and learn. She studied communication and now lives and works in Rome, where she photographs everyday life, focusing on particular subjects and hidden streets of Rome. Stefania Primicerio loves animals and is a vegetarian. One of her favorite subjects are cats in the city.

Current Location
Rome, Italy


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