First World Problems, by Jessica Gershen

Shoes to tell the stories of where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, and who I’ve loved. Shoes to represent both the luxury I live amongst and the poverty I live within. It looks indulgent but it spans over more than ten years and they are old. These shoes represent the life I had, the luxurious life sans struggle and debt. That life is long over now.

First World Problems, by Jessica Gershen

iPhone 4 | Exposure 1/125sec @ f/2.8 | Focal Length 3.85mm | ISO 80
First World Problems, by Jessica Gershen

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | November 08
Award Score: 52 (Value 10, Clarity 09, Composition 13, Style 10, Skill 10)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Still Life Photography
Photograph Location: Kensington, Brooklyn, New York | The United States

Photographer: Jessica Gershen (Brooklyn, NY, USA) Registered
Jessica Gershen has been taking photographs since she was a junior in high school. She has always been interested in human behavior and that’s where her interest was born, taking inspiration from artists like Diane Arbus especially, but she also found that she had a unique way of viewing composition and framing and her work began to grow in more directions than just photographing people. Currently, she resides in New York City where the life and styles of the city inspire and influence her work.

Jessica went to Rochester Institute of Technology for her first two years of college. At RIT she majored in fine arts photography, however, the structured approach and stale environment of that university did not suit her. She put off so much by the experience, in fact, that she took a different turn in her career path altogether and made photography her hobby in order to maintain her love for it. Now, living in New York City, she allows inspiration to feed her everyday experiences and she is so happy to be able to share them with as many people as she can.


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