Waiting for Spring, by Gavin Day

A major snowstorm was passing through Toronto so I went down to a park along Lake Ontario where I know Cardinals and chickadees are regular residents. I brought along some sunflower seeds and expected the chickadees to be quite eager for a few handout. I didn’t expect the cardinals to get as close as they did but I scattered some seeds along the ground and they come just a few feet away from me and it allowed me to get this picture and others like it!

Waiting for Spring, by Gavin Day

Canon EOS Rebel XSI with 55-250 mm | Exposure 1/250sec @ f/5.6 | ISO 800 | Focal Length 250mm
Waiting for Spring, by Gavin Day

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 29
Award Score: 67.5 (Value 13, Clarity 12.5, Composition 17.5, Style 12.5, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Portraiture Photography
Photograph Location: Toronto, Ontario | Canada

Photographer: Gavin Day (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Guest Photographer
Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Gavin has lived in all over Canada but these days spends most of his time in Toronto. A freelance journalist by trade (mostly covering sports), Gavin enjoys getting out into the world as a way to relax. He travels whenever he can but getting outside to get pictures of birds and other animals and scenes is another great way to spend a day!

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/50949518@N08/

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