Romeo, by Silvia Casali

Romeo is the name of this wonderful Siberian Tiger. He was born in the zoo, and was raised by the Zoo guardians together with another tiger, Wendy. They both had physical problems; this is why they were rejected by the mother. Before I shot this photograph, Romeo had just expressed his “disappointment” out loud, he did not like to be flashed straight in his eyes by visitors –a thick glass allows visitors to encounter these animals from very close, but sometimes humans forget that what they are looking at is not a toy.

Romeo, by Silvia Casali

Pentax K-x | Exposure 1/15sec @ f/5.6 | Focal length 200mm | ISO 100
Romeo, by Silvia Casali

Award Score: 66 (Value 13, Clarity 12, Composition 17.5, Style 11.5, Skill 12)
Award Winner: Photo of the Day | May 17
Photo of the Day Award Category: Wildlife Photography
Photograph Location: Cornelle Zoo, Valbrembo | Italy

Photographer: Silvia Casali (Reggio Emilia, Italy) Registered
Silvia Casali started experimenting with photography during summer 2010, after she received her first camera as a birthday gift. She had never before been fascinated by photography, because she thought it was not that creative of a process, just a very objective representation of reality. But soon she realized that she was wrong. Even though photography is not her main profession, since that very moment she has tried to practice photography almost every day, learning a little bit of the science related to it. Silvia is grateful to her teachers and friends at Fotografiaprofessionale, who testing her creativity and sensitivity to transform her pictures into something similar to art.


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