The Little Purple Flower, by Sandra Frimpong

I am a purple flower I am a calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. My petals are filled with a pigment of lavender. My presence favors new growth warmth and sincerity, When I am around I radiate cheerfulness, royalty and ambition. I am I am a little purple flower my petals are filled of lavender. This picture was taken in Sorrento Italy

The Little Purple Flower, by Sandra Frimpong

Nikon D5100 with 55-200mm | Exposure 1/500sec @ f/8 |Yead Ahmed ISO 200 | Focal Length 200mm
The Little Purple Flower, by Sandra Frimpong

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | May 17
Award Score: 64 (Value 12, Clarity 12, Composition 16, Style 12, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Close-Up Photography
Photograph Location: Sorrento | Italy

Photographer: Sandra Frimpong (Campania, Italy) Registered
Sandra Asantewaa Frimpong was born and raised in Ghana West Africa. She moved to the United States with his father at the age of 17. Where she joined the United States military to pursue her dream for higher education and travel. She graduated from Florida States College with a degree in General studies and BS in Business Administration with the University of Maryland.
Her primary career in the United States Navy has given her the opportunity to travel across the globe, during her tours she takes the time to capture the simple beauty of life to show her family and friends around the world. Her pure love for photography started about four years ago when she received her first professional camera Nikon D3100 as a birthday present. Although still an Amateur in photography, the art of Photography suits her passion, her favorite is taking pictures of families during holidays as my way of volunteering in my community is to capture and share moments with families, capturing the little details and the moments that we seldom forgo and not pay attention to.
The artist has international ties in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and America, Her passion, is to explore and appreciate a similarly varied list of fields in arts through photography. She has been taking distance learning courses in Photography and a few face to face photography seminars. And she is anticipating in taking more in depth photography courses in the near future. Her vision now includes works in capturing moment, illustration, among others across the globe to her friends, and family. Sandra Frimpong currently resides in Italy.


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