A Standing Man, by Minh Nghia Le

An old-time scene in Place d’italie,Paris, a man in suit, a bicycle and the classic-styled street light in the background. It actually happened in 2011. I was on my way to buy breads for dinner with my old OM2 camera in hand, loaded with Tri-X 400 black and white film. What could be a more appropriate tool to capture such scene? When I do my scanning of the film, the film grain completes the picture.

Sunset by the Seine, by Minh Nghia Le

Olympus OM2 with Zuiko OM 50mm f1.4 | Kodak Tri-X 400 (ISO400)| Exposure 1/250sec @ f/2.0
Sunset by the Seine, by Minh Nghia Le

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 29
Award Score: 67 (Value 12, Clarity 12, Composition 17, Style 13, Skill 13)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Black & White Photography
Photograph Location: Paris | France

Photographer: Minh Nghia Le (Singapore) Registered
Minh Nghia Le and his wife Mai Phuong Duong are two Singapore-based photographers. Photography has nothing to do with their daily job but it has become their passion for years. They just hope everyone enjoy their photos as how they see the world.

Website: http://a2nh.com
Facebook: http://fb.me/analox.admire
Twitter: http://twitter.com/a2nh

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6 years ago

I love black & white photographs