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Playing with Teddy by Leanne LindsayPlaying with Teddy by Leanne Lindsay

Playing with Teddy by Leanne Lindsay

The happy chaos of my grandkids playing outside turned quiet as I rounded a corner. There she was, Ivy, on the doorstep, bathed in warm sunlight streaming from the open door. But she wasn't alone. Her beloved teddy bear sat expectantly in her lap. "Playing with Teddy," a new favorite photo, captures this heartwarming scene. Ivy, her back to the camera, leans in close to her furry friend. Her tiny hand reaches out, urging the teddy to do "blow bubbles." This black and white photo is powerful in its simplicity. It's not about the colors, but the pure wonder in Ivy's eyes. Her imagination transforms the ordinary doorstep into a stage for extraordinary possibilities. The teddy bear becomes a co-star, ready to join the bubble-blowing fun. "Playing with Teddy" is a reminder of a child's boundless creativity, where everyday objects come alive, and dreams take flight. Don't you wish they could always stay this innocent.
Sail the Seven Seas by Leanne LindsaySail the Seven Seas by Leanne Lindsay

Sail the Seven Seas by Leanne Lindsay

Will you sail the seven seas with me? The rain was putting on a steady performance outside my window this afternoon, and I felt a surge of creative energy. It was the perfect opportunity to take out my camera and play with some of its features I hadn't quite gotten around to yet. I also had this idea for a photo that had been brewing for a while, and today felt like the right day to bring it to life! So, I grabbed an old book and a well-loved paper boat, the kind I used to make as a kid. Strangely enough, when I opened the book randomly, it happened to open up to an ancient map of the world. I arranged the book and boat on a table near the window, letting the soft, diffused light from the rain-covered sky bathe them in a gentle glow. Focusing on a shallow depth of field helped blur the background and really make the paper boat the star of the show, creating a miniature world for the little paper boat to sail in.
Chahar-Bakhtiari Folk by Hadi NavidChahar-Bakhtiari Folk by Hadi Navid

Chahar-Bakhtiari Folk by Hadi Navid

Chahar mahal and Bakhtiari Province in located on South Central of Iran. It is very famous for the nice climate and more than that for nomads with a life based on annual migration. During winter they settle in Khuzestan Province which is warm but during Spring and Summer they live in Chahar mahal and Bakhtiari; And here is where they have their marriage ceremonies. I took this image from a father who’s son was going marry very soon.
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