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View from the Tower to Prague Castle by Mirka KrivankovaView from the Tower to Prague Castle by Mirka Krivankova

View from the Tower to Prague Castle by Mirka Krivankova

The Malostranské Mostecké Věže are two stylistically distinct and unevenly tall towers in Prague, forming the entrance from Charles Bridge to Lesser Town on the Royal Route at the beginning of Mostecká Street. In medieval times, most bridges usually had a tower at each end. However, Charles Bridge has two towers on the Lesser Town (Mala Strana) side, connected by a large Gothic gate. The lower tower is called Judith's Tower and is older than Charles Bridge itself, while the higher tower was constructed after its completion. The towers with the gate constituted an important part of the Lesser Town fortifications during the times when Lesser Town, today's Mala Strana, was an independent territory. In case of an invasion by foreign armies, the armed garrison could take refuge in the towers, defending against enemies attempting to cross the bridge. Even in peaceful times, armed guards stationed here made it clear to entrants that they would not tolerate any disturbances.
Notre-Dame Paris by Mirka Krivankova

Notre-Dame Paris by Mirka Krivankova

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris (literally the Cathedral of Our Lady, referred to in Czech as the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary or the Temple of the Mother of God), French Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, is a Gothic cathedral standing on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité on the Seine River in Paris.
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