It is food, the unimaginably delicious taste that restores one’s faith in life, and food photography is the special segment that reflects the tidbits of joy in every single click! With four amazing courses, this diploma not only let you learn the secret of taking mouth-watering food photographs that you’ve always wanted, but you will also master the art of styling food. From capturing the just cooked feel or giving it an elegant look in a way only the professional food stylists’ do, we have covered every aspect that one needs to be the best. You will also learn and master the art of writing recipes, cookbooks, or may take a step to becoming a chef. You will get published, awarded, and have your own responsive profile and website, then learn the online marketing for reaching the local markets on a global level, optimize it for search engine and apply different advertising strategies to promote it in social media. The diploma will establish you to dip your toes alongside the award winning professional food photographers and come out to be a successful.

The cost of this diploma is €199, which includes admission fee for the diploma, four courses, guide books, course materials, exam fees, 1 year award subscription for presenting your work, and certificate.

To successfully complete the diploma, one must score 70% or higher in each course, equipped with precisely written guides, quizzes, assignments that let you follow your intellectual curiosity. Upon successful completion, we will send you the certificate of Diploma from the Department of Art & Photography.

Achieving a diploma from Light & Composition University is a great way to celebrate and share your success. It will show your ability to learn and achieve top results. Ideal for job applications, portfolios, and include it in your CVs, we welcome everyone to enroll into the diploma in food photography.

It is Our Great Privilege

We Feel Honored, Thank You

It is our great privilege that admirable people from different parts of the world show their interest in enrolling our programs and even personally emailing us their valuable thoughts. We feel honored sharing their thoughts with other customers. Please read the reviews below before enrolling into this Food Photography Diploma.

26 reviews for Diploma in Food Photography

  1. Lily Birmingham

    I learned how to take professional looking photos. They helped me take my food photos to another level!

  2. Muyi Zhao

    I like how clear and simple the lessons are. I am very pleased with these courses.

  3. Oliver Dale

    Excellent, very professional, and a complete diploma.

  4. Ray

    I truly learn a lot from these courses, very comprehensive, informative & interesting. Thank you!

  5. Pantelis

    I learned a lot.

  6. Sebastian Wallin

    I love it for its simplicity and clarity.

  7. Christopher Lloyd

    I really enjoyed these course. For me they were pretty easy to understand the way I do food photography.

  8. Kulichkin Denis

    I like how they ask us to use materials found in an ordinary home, but guide us to make them look professional.

  9. Eric Berry

    Thank You. Varieties of assignment for food photography and lots of guidance for making ‘props’ available in any kitchen.

  10. Steven

    I appreciated the detailed explanation of camera settings in the first course. A very good one.

  11. Laura

    This really helps building my confidence.

  12. Eric Seidel

    I have learned a lot and now ready to do my own food photography business. Thank you Light & Composition University!

  13. Justinian

    Amazing experience.

  14. Anni Verdin

    It’s really great and I am glad I took it.

  15. John K. Wilson

    They have so many tips about how to design the stage plates.

  16. Weston

    These are some good courses to refresh the way food photography works.

  17. Neil Lintern

    A great way to get a real diploma. Some good courses with good explanations. Thanks.

  18. Mark Jaquith

    Everything are very engaging. Very easy to understand.

  19. Kaith

    They even teach you to write recipes. Helped me to make my website. What else can you ask. It’s the Best.

  20. Eddie

    As a beginner, I learned so much from the first course. It had all the info you need to start taking pictures of food. Then moving to the next one for food styling, what can I say. I am proud of my own works.

  21. Jesica Ahlberg

    My expectations were met and I like that there’s actually follow up from the faculty and teaching assistants. A complete university experience. Overall very happy!

  22. Siarhei Zirukin

    What an excellent short program for food photography. I have learned so much.

  23. Byram

    This is a very good program. Thank you.

  24. Beau Lebens

    These courses was simply perfect for my needs! Teaching assistants are always online to help you, even beginner like myself have no problem understanding with the right amount of depth.

  25. Colin MacKenzie

    I would recommend this to any one that is new to food photography. Everything is to the point. It included the best tips for food styling I have seen so far.

  26. Drew

    All the courses are very well taught. So details and so much to learn. I couldn’t have asked for a better in food photography.

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