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Everyday I'm Shuffling, by Shirren Lim

Everyday I’m Shuffling, by Shirren Lim

This photo was taken when I was visiting Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2015. We were on our way out from the hotel exploring the neighboring when this man shuffled towards us. I quickly took out my camera and decided to take a photo of him. I thought…
BROR, by Shirren Lim

BROR, by Shirren Lim

On a recent trip to Copenhagen, I decided to document a little bit of life in Copenhagen as I traversed the city on foot . This photo was taken on one of the little side streets that I love in the city. This man looked so cool just sitting there…
Three's Company, by Shirren Lim

Three’s Company, by Shirren Lim

This photo was taken while I was on holiday in Copenhagen, Denmark a couple of years ago. While walking down the streets of Vesterbro, I took several candid photos of the street and the people on the street. This happens to be on of them. They…