Colourful Occupation of the Dreamland by Sena Sasani

I found myself in a water show while I was walking through exit gate of this place. There is not any way to exit because of the performance. I decided to watch it. It was wonderful, colorful and fun. When the bubbles appeared, I did not want to miss them, and I took this amazing photo.

Photo of the day 04122019 2n

iPhone X | Exposure 1/120 sec at f/1.8 | ISO 40 | Focal Length 4mm

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Photo of the Day

Award Date
December 4, 2019



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 16
Style 12
Skill 11

Award Category
Travel Photography

Photograph Location
Copenhagen, Denmark

Born in Ankara, Turkey. She is a law student. She is 19 years old. Sena still lives in Ankara, but whenever she has time for holiday, she travels the world and takes photographs of historical buildings, animals and natural beauties as a hobby. Sena is one of the two admins of an Instagram page called, and she exhibits their photographs in that page to the world.

Current Location
Ankara, Turkey



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