Rose, by Luca Renoldi

For a touchy-feely person, rose means a lot. It makes them happy, and smiles back if they are sad, and to

some, it’s a symbol of love. It’s a flower that meant to bring happiness in life. I took this photograph of rose in my garden in Monza, Italy.

Rose, by Luca Renoldi

Nikon D700 | Exposure Details: 1/200sec @ f/4 | Focal length: 105mm | ISO 200
Rose, by Luca Renoldi

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | February 26
Photo of the Day Award Category: Close-Up Photography
Photograph Location: Monza | Italy

Photographer: Luca Renoldi (Monza, Italy) Registered
Luca born in Milan on 1958 and is living in the surround of Monza, not far from the loved Milan, with the wife Cinzia, the daughter Alessia and their dog Chanel.
His indomable vitality and will to discover new horizons get him called a twenty-year-old with 30 years of experience.100% of effort and energy is always offered to every passion he has. Lover of football, fans of FC Internazionale Milano, he is active part of InterClub Muratidentro supporters club. He loves since ever the photographic art, taking pictures of whatever he finds interesting, nothing precluded, fitting the perspectives to the mounted optics, rarely constructing his own photos, leaving the images as real as his eyes have captured.

Manager in a company producing industrial laundry machines, he travels all around the world right along with his trustworthy Nikon, always finding the time to dedicate himself to photography, which sometimes combines with fractals or various experimental techniques.


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Tito Bruno
Tito Bruno
9 years ago