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Rose, by Luca Renoldi

For a touchy-feely person, rose means a lot. It makes them happy, and smiles back if they are sad, and to some, it’s a symbol of love. It’s a flower that meant to bring happiness in life. I took this photograph of rose in my garden in Monza,…
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Fall Red, by Luca Renoldi

Autumn is such a wonderful time of the year. Leaves are turning vibrant colors, weather is getting cooler. It inspired me to take this photograph of leaf on my garden.Award Winner: Photo of the Day | January 21 Photo of the Day Award…
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Pink Gerbera, by Luca Renoldi

Taken in Monza, Italy, Gerbera is very popular and widely used as decorative cut flowers. It is the fifth most used cut flower in the world (after rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, and tulip). Gerbera species bear a large capitulum with striking,…