Alone…, by Sagarika Roy

This Photo was taken at tamilnadu,India.One day walking through the hilly path I found one tree was standing alone.There was no such big tree nearby it.It reminded me the quote- when you are on top you may be alone or when you are alone the reason you may be on top.

PAlone... by Sagarika Roy

Nikon D90 / Exposure Time: 1/80sec / Aperture: 3.6 / ISO: 250 / Focal length 18mm
PAlone… by Sagarika Roy

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | September 25
Photo of the Day Award Category: Nature Photography
Photograph Location: India

Photographer: Sagarika Roy (West Bengal,India) Registered
Sagarika Roy is an amateur photographer. She has done Masters in Botany & in Indian Classical Music(Vocal). Strongly passionate about photography since childhood, keep her clicking here & there with Kodak kb10 or mobile cams. In 2009 when she was trying to manage a compact digital camera surprisingly her father gifted her the very first dslr camera, Nikon D90. It seems like she got wings for her dreams.Now she is always trying to learn & improve her photographic skills.


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