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Misty Morning by Muneera HashwaniMisty Morning by Muneera Hashwani

Misty Morning by Muneera Hashwani

This Image was taken taken in Dubai. We only get a few days of Fog in the year when there is a sudden change in temperature. I was trying to capture the morning fog on the bridge and was waiting for someone to pass by so I got get a shot of the cycle on the ground and a person crossing the bridge. Lucky I manage to capture the person on the bike wearing gray and blue which blended well withe the overall tones of the picture.
Yosemite Cliffside by Jack HoyeYosemite Cliffside by Jack Hoye

Yosemite Cliffside by Jack Hoye

This image was captured using Apple iPhone during the summer of 2019 at Yosemite National Park, California, United States. This photo reveals a magnificent vista from the conclusion of a walking trail, ending at the cliffs of the Tenaya Canyon. I was really moved by the natural beauty of this area, and with this image in particular I was keen on capturing the composition of the trees and horizons featured. This composition is naturally occurring, ergo and I wanted feature the natural beauty and shapes seen from this view.
Skiing by Giulia AvonaSkiing by Giulia Avona

Skiing by Giulia Avona

How majestic snow is. This was my very first time seeing this much snow, unfortunately the opportunities have been fading during the years. It feels my heart with joy to see the snow changing the whole environment, green trees covered in white snow are my favorite view on earth, leaves me speechless
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