Unending Destination

The journey of our life is precious, and the beauty of it lying into its unending destination. Often we venture alone, fighting for a living, trying our best to cope with the shifts and jolts of unknown happening. The life in Bangladesh is always uncertain; it has the third highest out flow of water in the world, after the Amazon and the Congo systems. In Bangladesh it is the rivers that created the vast alluvial delta. No wonder that a lot of people here have aquatic lives. They start their day in the river, where the mighty flows of water often act uncertain, make their life a defying act.

Fighting Alone…

Fighting Alone…

Its by Bangladeshi photographer Tanmoy Saha Turja. Here the man fights for a living, amidst of the beautiful nature, piercing through the river towards an unending destination, just like each and everyone of us. How do you like the photograph? Share your thoughts with me!

Photo of the Day | August 12 | Fighting Alone… by Tanmoy Saha

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Clarissa Petallana-Torres
Clarissa Petallana-Torres
7 years ago


Sumitra pandit
Sumitra pandit
8 years ago

wonderful !