The Call of the Wild

The unknown always beckons us…in our hearts, we are torn between the call of the wild, the adventure, but do we always respond? This needs courage, doesn’t it? As depicted in this photograph by Cameron Cope, in the Cochamó Valley in southern Chile, where no car has ever penetrated, no road has ever been built, and the forests have never been felled. It is a paradise for climbers, to succumb to the call of the wild, you need strength to test yourself and to reinvent, as it is not for the weak-hearted.

Cochamó Hiker Silhouette, by Cameron Cope

Cochamó Hiker Silhouette, by Cameron Cope

Why do people go for places like this? Is it because we are born with an instinct to fight for the survival? And while the urbanization creates a fight for a different kind of survival, we still crave to return to our roots…the wilderness. Is it simply because we go away from this environment so that we can return? So we can see places in a new dimension, and being looked upon in a different manner by people. Going back to where we started is not the same as never leaving…

Article written by: Mohiuddin Ahmed
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | January 01 | Cochamó Hiker Silhouette, by Cameron Cope

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