Inner Serenity!

This divine photograph by Ismawan Ismail has taken me to another aspect of life; it’s not just someone reciting, it’s the book that he’s reciting! To some it’s just an ancient book with an even ancient language, but for those who understand and do reasoning, it is the complete way of life. The beam of knowledge that comes from it is divine, from the Creator who created us. It’s a book that confers tranquility, inner peace and balance.

Recite, by Ismawan Ismail

Recite, by Ismawan Ismail

Inner peace comes from deep inside, not from the outside! To create peace and harmony with everything, you have to start changing yourself from within, which means your focus has to shift to whatever you want to achieve. You have to develop the true understanding of life, following the true commandment of God, who made you and me, who is all knowing, all hearing. Inner peace is attainable for everybody with the presence of Quran. Reading even few verses of Quran a day, and implement it in one’s life achieves this, and fulfill your spiritual equilibrium!

Article written by: Zahraa Al Hassani
Photograph source:
Photo of the Day | July 27 | Recite, by Ismawan Ismail

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