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Be inspired!

Life should be seen as an everlasting process of joyous spiritual growth and discovery. Through life’s daily struggles to material existence, people slowly deepen their understanding of the spiritual principles underlying reality, which enables them to relate to themselves, to others, and for some, to Almighty Allah in a better way. Inspiration is a motivating […]

In Search of Destiny’s Door

We are born into a vast room, whose walls consist of doors of possibility, no matter if rooms become smaller and doors seem to vanish during life’s downs, and you find yourself lonely in darkness; but, you have to understand – life is working on a beautiful picture for you out there! Take a look […]

A Rainy Walk

Town is quiet, too cold to walk alone, strangers in overcoats hurry on home. Some hurry on to catch the train; some need the rain to disguise them. The tears in their eyes, and the soul they bear, they need rain to wash them clear. They need the rain so no one can discern what […]