Blue Mountain

Have you ever been to the beautiful hill track district of Bangladesh, Bandarban? Here you’ll find one of the tallest peaks of the country, “Nilgiri”. In Bengali “Nil” means Blue and “Giri” means mountain. So together “Nilgiri” means “Blue Mountain”. If you once go to this exquisite place you’ll never be able to forget it ever!

Blue Mountain

I Heard Them Talking, by Tanmoy Saha

Don’t believe me? No problem, here is the proof. This is a photograph of Nilgiri. Its taken by Photographer Tanmoy Saha Turja. Can you see the fluffy white clouds moving around the green hills? Extreme natural beauty at its best, don’t you think heaven is nowhere but here? Share your thoughts with me!

Photo of the Day | January 27 | I Heard Them Talking, by Tanmoy Saha

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Clarissa Petallana-Torres
Clarissa Petallana-Torres
9 years ago