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A Small Foray into Numerous Possibilities

How you see the world and understand it is really important to us, and definitely understanding is far different than memorizing. You understand a concept when you can apply it, and through that, you can add a creative touch and make it artistic. Our books and magazine will not only help you develop artistic skills, but also help to hone your technical understanding.

They will enlighten you, connect you with precious wisdom,

give you perspectives of numerous possibilities, and take you on a step-by-step journey to the horizon of visual rhythms and harmonies, into the latitude of the true aesthetic world of photography.

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Throughout our magazines, books, journals, articles, and research papers

you can experience the true artistry. From nature to wildlife, motion to still life, street to travel, documentary to landscape, portrait to candid;
no matter which journey you want to take, publications from Light & Composition take you inside the true aesthetic world.

Learn, experience, and explore

the world of photography through the exceptional visualization and composition books bundle Mastering Photography, which truly helps you to develop an artistic eye.