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25082012 2s

Sorry, We’re Closed, by Sébastien Beun

This shot was taken in Monteriggioni, a small medieval village in the middle of Tuscany, along the Florence-Siena motorway. Monteriggioni is different from the other Tuscan villages because it is the only one that is still totally surrounded…
Photo of the day 26022012

Rose, by Luca Renoldi

For a touchy-feely person, rose means a lot. It makes them happy, and smiles back if they are sad, and to some, it’s a symbol of love. It’s a flower that meant to bring happiness in life. I took this photograph of rose in my garden in Monza,…
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Lago di Carezza, by Rainer Mirau

A well known mountain view of the Italian Dolomites. I always try to find a new and fresh perspective. Framing the wonderful scenery was my first intention. When I recognized a single cloud moving into the composition all I had to do is waiting…
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