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Credit Crunch, by Andrea Migliari

Credit crunch. Two words that have become familiar to everybody all over the word. Two words that put together few years ago didn't mean anything, or at least did not have the weight of today. That's what this picture is all about. We are living…
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Sunflower, by Mauro Squiz Daviddi

Photograph taken in a large field of sunflowers. I searched a lot to find the flower that I liked. During the summer in this area there are many fields with sunflowers. Find the right flower for the right light is a search relaxing. the petals…
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Pick a Door, by Jana Z

These doors are actually opening to a cliff - there is nothing behind them but steep wall. Not only they catch the eye for the blue color and obvious age, they also make you think how and why these were built. It's one of those nonsense things…
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